Surprising Legislative Success!

It was quite surprising to me that the “lame duck” congress was able to pass such landmark legislation in the past week or so, including the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for the branches of the military, and the Senate’s approval of the START Treaty for both Missile Reduction and renewed and reinforced mutual verification.

Neither of those pieces of legislation directly affect our economic system which needs reform so badly, but even so, those are in my opinion very helpful legislative acts!  Congratulations to President Obama and Congress for their good work.

Merry Christmas to All – And let us all seek further constructive, pro-people and pro-environment changes in public policy and practice in 2011 and thereafter.  And let’s be thankful for the good things which are accomplished, both great and small, which benefit the created order, including the stage upon which we live out our lives together – the Earth and its biosphere.

About bbriley42

Retired former engineer and (later) clinical social worker. Married, with two adult children. Long time student of spirituality and "A Course in Miracles." Presently alarmed at how the U.S. economic system, with all of its strengths, is poisoning our society, world economic fairness and the biosphere upon which we rely for physical life itself. I have thus with others in our community formed an economic reform study-advocacy group.
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2 Responses to Surprising Legislative Success!

  1. Stephany says:

    Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes which will make the largest changes.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. bbriley42 says:

    I appreciate your comment! It is true that since the end of 2010 (when that article of mine was posted), the political situation in the USA has deteriorated, and so I am presently pessimistic regarding this hurtful polarization, but I also believe, as your comment suggested, that there is much kindness in the world which doesn’t make headlines but yet, taken in total, does much good. Oremus (Latin expression). Happy New Year to you “down under”!!

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