The Election of November 6, 2012

Like many others in our Economic Reform Advocacy Group, we have felt the tension between: 1) Our long term goal of advocating effectively for major economic-political system reforms in support of national and global social justice and ecological sustainability; and: 2) The short term goal of electing a President and Congress sympathetic to the same reforms.

Most of us recognized that at this time, neither party has pursued our long term reform objectives with consummate zeal.  However, we believed that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress offer far more of a chance for seriously pursuing these goals than Mitt Romney (or any other of the Republican candidates) and the Republicans in Congress, most of whom blindly follow short term business interests, even to the point of denying climate change as a factor in regulating business.  Thus most of us in our group elected to largely suspend our advocacy efforts in the spring of 2012 in favor of getting directly involved in the 2012 campaign.

With the above in mind, we as a group were happy with the President’s win and the gain of Democratic seats in the Senate and the House.  We were also pleased that the immense funding pumped into Super-Pacs by wealthy private and corporate donors did NOT thwart the people’s will in this election!

Now that the election is over, we will get back to our studies and our advocacy efforts, as we have realized that the economic-political reforms needed for social justice and ecological sustainability must not be left in the hands of our elected officials alone – the “powers that be” require the influence of an aroused public which has grown tired of the “status quo” in our country which has become so unjust to many here and around the world and so destructive to our natural environment.

Let us all pray for wisdom and strength to nudge our country in the direction of a holistic way of life.

About bbriley42

Retired former engineer and (later) clinical social worker. Married, with two adult children. Long time student of spirituality and "A Course in Miracles." Presently alarmed at how the U.S. economic system, with all of its strengths, is poisoning our society, world economic fairness and the biosphere upon which we rely for physical life itself. I have thus with others in our community formed an economic reform study-advocacy group.
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