The 2016 Presidential Primaries

I keep hoping that the presidential candidates will be addressing the deeply serious political-economic and environmental crises that our country (and the world) are facing.  So far, global warming is never even mentioned by the Republican candidates.  And the only candidate of either party to mention the urgent need for deep economic reform is Bernie Sanders.  Why are we, the electorate, not demanding of our candidates that they address these life-threatening crises?  Why do so many ordinary people in our good old USA feel so detached from facing these issues head-on?  In many ways, I think the European countries are ahead of us in moving to address these issues.

What are your thoughts about this?

About bbriley42

Retired former engineer and (later) clinical social worker. Married, with two adult children. Long time student of spirituality and "A Course in Miracles." Presently alarmed at how the U.S. economic system, with all of its strengths, is poisoning our society, world economic fairness and the biosphere upon which we rely for physical life itself. I have thus with others in our community formed an economic reform study-advocacy group.
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1 Response to The 2016 Presidential Primaries

  1. Jay Faulkner says:

    Most people just don’t care about things that don’t affect them TODAY. Today and now matters the most.

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