Basing Our Economy on CARING!

Over the last six months, I’ve discovered and started to study the compelling work of Riane Eisler (author of The Chalice and the Blade, 1986), who in 2007 published another  groundbreaking work, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics. I will write more on this later, including referencing her websites devoted to this topic.  But at this point, I will only say that I have been deeply attracted to her work because it calls upon our truest human potential:  To become compassionate towards all and thereby access 1) our own innermost source of joy; 2) our ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, not to mention care deeply for the biosphere of the Earth upon which all life depends.

1 Response to Basing Our Economy on CARING!

  1. Al Farthing says:

    I like this Bob — it has the ring of truth about it. In my view an attitude of compassion stands at the living center of our existence in this solar system. It is the glue that holds an otherwise divided world of humans into one organism –that of humanity. Without this quality at play we either implode or explode, both leading to the decimation if not elimination of our species.

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