This page will contain both: 1) Links to sites related to economic systems, their operational effects, and reform/replacement concepts; and: 2) Documents for download that you may find helpful, challenging and/or informative.

Here is a copy of our current resource list that you can download:

Resource List

Here is a copy of an environmental study on the Alberta Tar Sands Project that you can download: Tar Sands – TheReport

Here are four excellent websites pertaining to the urgent need for system reform, with viable proposals for alternative economic systems: (Looking at models for implementing a healthier economic system) (Institute for Economic Democracy) (Quaker Institute for the Future) (Resources listed on David Korten’s blog)

Here is an EXCELLENT website on the increasing income/wealth maldistribution in the U.S.A. developed in the summer of 2011 by two very active members of our Economic Reform Advocacy Group , Jake and Scott:

Here is another website identified by Jake of our team – it features weekly updates regarding the inequality fostered by our economic system as currently practiced.  Its name is Too Much: An online weekly on excess and inequality.

We’ll be adding more resources over time, so please “stay tuned.”

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  1. Duncan says:

    Thank you for interesting information.

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